Hit Parade: John Legend - "All of Me"

a pretty sounding song about love that isn't too mawkish or clunky or inane. I can live with that...
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Man, people loved Pharrell Williams' "Happy." Truly, it was the song of spring. For a whopping 10 weeks, it was the number one song in America. I did not like it, but lots of people did, and I am not one to rain on parades, or wedding days for that matter. Now, a new song emerges atop the Billboard Hot 100. John Legend's "All of Me."

I have some knowledge of Legend, because he appeared on Stephen Colbert's Christmas special many years ago. He sang a love jam about nutmeg. So, I figure he is some sort of soul/R&B ballad type guy. I imagine he sings about love and sexual encounters and what have you. "All of Me" gives that kind of vibe too.

The first thing I heard was piano, so I figured I was right. And I was, although it was more traditional pop than I expected. It's a piano ballad about love. At one point I thought to myself, "Holy shit, this sounds so much like a Coldplay song." Listen to the way he sings "all of me" in the chorus if you don't agree with me. On the occasions when he really stretches out "all" only, though. I had to be specific, because he sings those words like 500 times. I can see why this song is popular. People love Coldplay, and they love love.

For starters, the piano part is good, and Legend can sing, and this song is all piano and Legend singing, so that's a good thing. He doesn't bring a lot of vocal range, but within the range he covers, he excels, and brings emotion to his words and stuff. It is an unabashed romantic song, about two people giving all of themselves to one another. It's not really sexual at all, the woman in question's curves are mentioned, but its about the heart and things of that nature.

It is also a bit clumsy in terms of its lyrics. This is the one spot where the song falls a bit. It gets a bit into high school poetry territory, but the eye rolling is kept to a minimum. I mean, yeah, "even when I'm losing I'm winning" is dumb, but there are way dumber pop songs out there, and they don't have any emotion to them at all.

I don't necessarily want to listen to "All of Me" again. It's a bit long, and a tinge repetitive, but overall I did enjoy it. It's a pretty sounding song about love that isn't too mawkish or clunky or inane. I can live with that.