Hit Parade: Magic! - "Rude"

I'd rather hear "Jammin'" for the millionth time than hear "Rude" for a second one.
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Iggy Azalea's "Fancy," featuring noted Roman numerals enthusiast Charlie XCX, earned its place in the song of the summer conversation by being the number one song for all of June and most of July. However, at least for one week, it has been knocked from its perch. Taking Azalea's place is a song called "Rude" by a band called Magic! I am not excited about them. They just have an exclamation point in their name. The excitement is built in.

I've heard tell of these Canadian lads and their musics, mostly negative I must admit, but I have not heard the song yet. I will hear it in mere moments. Then, I will continue to write. I may even write whilst I listen to it. Only time will tell, and either way you shall never be the wiser. I take my secrets to the grave!

Oh god, this is a reggae song! And I'm not a college freshman or a marijuana enthusiast! So, to begin with, this song is behind the eight ball. Reggae isn't the best of genres, especially when it is a bunch of Canadian dudes, as opposed to some Caribbean folks. Steel drums and laid back rhythms just don't to connect with me. The musicianship here is alright, though. Some of it sounds good. The verses, mainly. The chorus is garbage in every facet.

Oddly enough, the more laidback parts of this song are the best. When they bring up the energy and shift tempo and tone it starts to soung junky. The singer isn't any good no matter what he's doing. He's not asked to do much, but he still isn't up the task. There is like, two seconds of a really good guitar solo.

The lyrics seem pretty dumb too. Basically, some guy is in love with a woman and he asks her father for his blessing, and the father says no, and then he's like, "Well I'm going to marry her anyway." So, in essence, this song is pointless. I don't know why he asked in the first place, this is 2014 and all, and I really don't get why he asked if he doesn't care what the answer is. To be nice, maybe? I don't know if that is really worth a song. Also, I get why a dude might not want his daughter to marry the singer of a Canadian reggae band. I don't have a daughter, and also I believe in letting human beings make their own decisions and I would not begin to think I had any say in whom she married, but even I'd have a list of no dice dudes and "Canadian reggae singer" would be number one.

Reggae vibes do sort of go hand in hand with summer, but there's actual good reggae out there. Classic, stood the test of time reggae that even I like. Just throw on Bob Marley's greatest hits. I'd rather hear "Jammin'" for the millionth time than hear "Rude" for a second one. Perhaps that is harsh to say. Perhaps I am being, if you will, uncouth.