Hit Parade: Pharrell Williams - "Happy"

Maybe Pharrell Williams should stick to producing...
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The last couple of songs to sit atop the Billboard Hot 100 have not been, admittedly, terribly good. By which I mean they've been bad. They've been irritants to my very soul. I could use something that I can enjoy. A song that can make me, if you will, happy. Well, fittingly, the new top song on the charts is "Happy" by Pharrell Williams.

Before listening to this song, I was of two minds on it. On the one hand, Williams' bona fides are legitimate. He was recently the pregame performer at the NBA All-Star Game, and it was a real good show. However, what made it good was all the guest stars he brought up. All the dudes that whose songs he was a part of, but he wasn't necessarily the driving force behind.

The guy is talented, buy it is his producing work that I respond to the most. I mean, "Grindin'" is awesome, and that beat is amazing, but it isn't a Pharell song. N.E.R.D. was OK, I guess, but Pharrell can't really rap. "Get Lucky" is a really good song, but "Blurred Lines" is shit. Of course, neither was a "Pharrell" song. They were tunes he was on. So, you know, I don't know what to expect.

Also, this song is up for an Oscar for Best Song. It was apparently in the movie Despicable Me 2. I've never seen either of these films. It won't win Best Song, because Disney released a movie that people seemed to really like. Sorry, Pharrell. So, you know, let's see what this song has to provide.

Given that this is a song from a family movie, I probably shouldn't be surprised that this is a pretty poppy, happy little ditty. There is no talks about getting lapdances for free. it is also fairly simple, but that isn't necessarily bad. Williams sure knows how to produce a song still. it is pretty well-constructed, at least when they aren't in the chorus. The problem? The song is probably half chorus, at the least. This part of the song is junk. It doesn't sound good. The lyrics are dumb. I heard "Because I'm happy" and instructions to clap along so many times. If this was a two minute song,  maybe it would have been fine. But it's almost four minutes. For the last minute I was just thinking, "For fuck's sake, end! Just END! You have nothing more to say! I'm not clapping along! I'm not happy! I'm not like a house without a roof!"

There are a couple breakdowns that I liked, and Williams was wise to stick to his falsetto guns and singing, as opposed to rapping. It has a retro R&B vibe, but, again, it is so repetitive. So. Fucking. Repetitive.

"Happy" is fine for a little while. Basically until the first time the chorus kicks in. Then it loses me. Then it irritates me. I don't want to hear this song again. I feel like I've already heard it eight times. Because the song is basically one short song over and over. When Pharrell does this song at the Oscars, I'll be changing the channel. Even if little weird yellow pills that can talk take the stage with him. That's what those dudes in Despicable Me are, right?