Hit Parade: Taylor Swift - "Shake It Off"

Taylor Swift is back at #1. God help us all.
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There is a circle to this life. The very first edition of Hit Parade was on Taylor Swift's "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" or whatever that song was called. Now, Ms. Swift is back atop the charts with a song called "Shake It Off." This will be the second Swift song I have ever heard. One time I saw her on FOX's New Girl. She did not sing.

Hey, didn't Swift used to be a country singer of some sort? All I've ever heard from her is two pop songs. One, which I'll call "Back Together" was kind of alright, because the chorus was catchy even if the lyrics were kind of dumb. "Shake It Off" is in a similar vein. The real question becomes figuring out which song is dumber. It's probably "Shake It Off" because it features the lyrics "haters gonna hate." It also doesn't have quite the same catchy, poppy chorus. Both have dumb talking breakdowns. "Shake It Off" briefly apes "Holla Back Girl" but is not as effective as Gwen Stefani's song.

Then again, "Shake It Off" has Swift saying "can't stop, won't stop," and a sort of "woo" sound in the chorus I really liked every time I heard it. Again, the music here, while poppy, is quality. However, this is not Swift strumming a gee-tar or whatever she used to do. It's session musicians and producers created catchy pop hits for Swift to sing inane lyrics over.

Also, I don't necessarily feel like Swift has much in the way of grievances to air in terms of "haters" and what have you. Sure, she has to put up with shit, because she's a human being, but I feel like, perhaps she is overstating things a bit in this song. Look, I'm all for somebody being like, "Hey man, I don't care about your jive talking," but, when done wrong, you come across like Chris Hardwick at the Emmy's or, worse, like the TV show H8r. I'm not saying rich, successful celebrities can't complain about people talking shit about them, but generalized shit talking is far from a serious issue in the lives of anybody, much less public figures who, to a degree, buy the ticket and take the ride.

My point is this; "Shake It Off," is OK, I guess. I like her other hit better.