American Idol Has Its Top '24' And I'm Trying Hard To Care About Any Of Them

The Top 24 means 24 contestants, right? Stop me when you've heard this one before...
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American Idol Season 11 Top 24 (25)

The American Idol judges brought this season’s hopefuls to the Vegas show Le Rêve: The Dream before offing the remainders to get to the Top 24, which by now you’ve heard will be a (short-lived) Top 25 in a “we stole this from The X Factor” move. Yes, you heard me correctly: in what may be the proverbial final nail in American Idol’s coffin or perhaps just the latest “jumping the shark” moment, Idol has decided to give us a Top 25 instead of a Top 24 this season.

After the Top 12 Girls and Top 12 Guys were set, it was revealed in a “shocking moment” that David Leathers, Ritchie Law, Jermaine Jones or Johnny Keyser will take the unlucky 13th male contestant. Why they picked four dull, uninspired voices lacking in charisma or vocal power, I’ll never know. Why these four clowns and not Nico Starr? We already know it will be either David Leathers or Johnny Keyser so can we just skip the dramatic reveal already? Not a chance, huh? This is further proving to me that Uncle Nigel (Lythgoe) and company are truly out of touch with their audience and what they need, want, and will be receptive to.

Wednesday’s two-hour episode brought us the BULKof the talent: I guarantee the winner of this season’s American Idol comes from that batch of 14 singers that got finalized for the Top 24. Thursday night was full of also-rans and contestants we need not memorize the correct spelling of their names because they’re not sticking around long. Tonight we saw Eben Franckewitz, Shannon Magrane, Skylar Raine, Chase Likens, Aaron Marcellus, Adam Brock, Hallie Day, Holly Cavanaugh, Deandre Brackensick and Jeremy Rosado clinch spots to sing for your votes.

One thing you will notice from this list and Wednesday night’s group is the lack of diversity. Where are the soulful, sassy, black females? Why are there so many country singers this year? Why are there so many forgettable cookie-cutter performers on this season’s show? It’s like American Idol has decided either young (Deandre, Eben, Shannon), country (Chase, Haley, Skylar) or the old standby White Guy With Guitar also known as the Great White Hope (Phillip Phillips, we’re looking at you) are the only ones worth banking on and they have received a large chunk of coveted air time.

I’m a little disgruntled this season and with very viable viewing options elsewhere with The Voice and The X Factor, Idol needs to step its game up and I don’t mean with cheesy, pseudo-shocking audience manipulation moves. What do you think of the Top 24; how about the Top 25 addition? Too Little Too Late? Too Boring, Who Cares?

Stay tuned as I compile a list of the Top 24 along with their Twitter and facebook information and the rundown of this season’s rules and voting procedures.