Lianne La Havas - 'Lost & Found' Official Video

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I bought my ticket to see Lianne La Havas in concert in Nashville months ago and the anticipation is building and I can barely contain my excitement knowing the show will finally happen next weekend.

La Havas is one of the finest musical discoveries I've made in years and Is Your Love Big Enough? is a magical record, made even more special in that it is her debut. She has already created something amazing and timeless if she never makes another album and it's thrilling to consider what she may do and where she may go when she does make new music.

"Lost & Found" is one of the most painfully honest, soul-bearing songs I've heard as she reveals:

you broke me

and taught me

to truly hate myself

It's a beautiful song and I want to talk about that but I can't get over how painful it is to hear such a vibrant young woman sing of a hurt so deep. I know that makes me sound impossibly old and I guess I am. I know I felt things like that and hell, I still struggle with them. We all have our hurts and none of us get out of this life unscathed but there is something poignant and tragic to hear it come from one so young and that leads us to one of LaHavas' most beguiling qualities. 

She is young and vibrant, embarking on the journey into life's infitinte possibilities and she conveys her experiences with that sense of youth and a poetry and musical skill beyond her age. Her vocal aches and adds color and texture to her pain but she doesn't try and beat us over the head with her hurt in the way she sings these words. She sings with despair, not anguish. She sings with conviction but doesn't oversing or embark on a series of tedious vocal calistenics disguised as emotion. Her words and vocal are spare, honest, and real and next weekend I'll get to watch her perform tracks like this from her debut. If you haven't checked out Is Your Love Big Enough? yet, you are missing out on a fantastic record. If you need convincing, check out the video for "Lost & Found" below as well as the videos for "Elusive" and "Gone" -- a two-part short film -- and "Forget." Listen to those songs and know there is more where that came from, including the best track on the album, waiting to be discovered.