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Living With Ghosts - Traveling Alone

In which our hero considers the prospect of living alone...
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It's a Jason Isbell day on Hathaway's iPod as I lament getting shut out of his four-night run at Nashville's historic Ryman Auditorium. I'm disappointed but am wondering if it's just as well. I cannot be held responsible for the possible epic come part likely to happen should he choose to play "Songs That She Sang In The Shower." That's the power of a life's soundtrack, dear readers. The only songs worth remembering are the ones that tell your story, describe your hopes and dreams, or take you revive those most important moments of your life. Jason's Southeastern record stands

Living With Ghosts: When Your Number Isn't Up... which our hero wonders if he's outlived his usefulness and ponders what to do about it...
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...When the sun is finally going down And you're overdue to follow But you're still above the ground... I have to start this out with the first time I heard this song. Mark Lanegan has spent more time at the top of my Favorite Aritsts list than just about anyone. He's one of my favorite vocalists and over the years but I didn't hear him the first time I listened to "When Your Number Isn't Up" but rather superimposed the timeless voice of Johnny Cash. It's such a shame to me Cash didn't live long enough to take a

Toad The Wet Sprocket - Life Is Beautiful which our hero fights to reclaim hope...
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I've shared a few pages of my story in some of the recent work I've contributed since my return to BlindedBySound and I'm not sure how I feel about sharing it with friends and strangers but writing about music, for me, is more than time signatures, chord changes, riffs, hooks, and descending melodies. It's about the stories, including my own. It's about the life's work of building a soundtrack that tells my story, a playlist that reminds me of life's possibilities and that has meant overcoming the barriers to being vulnerable. One of my favorite things in life are its

Living With Ghosts: Jeff Buckley - "Last Goodbye"

In which our hero wrestles with the art of almost and waxes on about the magic of Jeff Buckley...
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I was late to the Jeff Buckley party and yes, I will admit it was his masterful cover of Leonard Cohen's now painfully over-covered version of "Hallelujah" that brought me in the front door several years ago. That may have been my introduction to him but after untold hours listening obsessively to Grace, what was once my favorite song on the record has fallen halfway down the list. Great music doesn't have to change. We do that enough on our own. We continue to live and, if you're paying any attention at all, learn. We add to our experiences

Bettye LaVette, Neil Young, George Harrison, And The Road To Nowhere

Nowhere wasn't the preferred desperation but at least there's a fabulous soundtrack for it...
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There's not one Neil Young record in my voluminous collection and it's because his voice absolutely bugs the shit out of me and I can't get around that. It's a shame because the man is obviously one of the finest songwriters of any era and yet I'm on the outside because his voice makes me stabby. I know plenty of people who feel that way about Dylan. I know someone who feels that way about Springsteen. For me, it's Neil and that's why I'm always glad when an artist I do like covers him and gives me an access

Patrick Sweany - "Them Shoes"

Songs continue to teach and surprise no matter how many times we've heard them or how well we think we know them...
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One of the miracles of music is that you can listen to a song 1,000 times and hear something new on that 1,0001st play. That's what happened with Patrick Sweany's "Them Shoes" over the weekend. There are two reasons for the new discovery. The first and most obvious is that I changed, life changed. We'll come back to that. The other reason for the new discovery is because of what drew me into the song in the first place. I fell in love with "Them Shoes" the first time I heard it because of the way Sweany built and that's

Jason Isbell Predicts My Future (How Can This Possibly End Well?) which our hero announces his retirement and the world wonders if he's Michael Jordan or Sandy Koufax...
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Picture it: laying in bed, one dog beside you where she doesn't belong, her paws covering the hand not petting her, the other dog loudly licking himself, curled up on his bed in the corner of the room. Music fills the air, nearly at the pain threshold as it has to be loud enough to be heard in the bathroom and over the cascade of running water. The faint smell of Dove soap is wafting on the steam from the shower as is muted singing. It's slightly off-key and yet your smile is keeping you warmer than the blanket