The Spring Standards Release Video For 'Nightmare'

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"You snooze, you lose."
-- Anoymous Smug Asshole

The Spring Standards are releasing a limited edition live album via a Kickstarter campaign and I found out about it too late to get in on the action. To quell this savage disappointment and shake me from my despondent stupor, I'm posting a video from their most recent album -- actually a double EP -- yellow//gold.

"Nightmare" is one of my favorite songs from that set. The Spring Standards are primarily an Americana, roots-oriented band with sparkling three-part harmonies and those elements are all part of "Nightmare" but there's also a really cool percussive foundation to support the great vocals. The bass and percussion lock in tight while noisy blasts of guitar punctuate it.

I expected the video to be a performance-oriented piece rather than something as story driven and visually compelling. The costuming and colors are vivid and detailed. I guess I haven't adapted to the the idea that videos aren't a thing of the past, only the networks that actually show them. YouTube is our MTV without Downtown Julie Brown, Pauly Shore, or that insufferable Kennedy. 

I bet this song is on that live album that I'm not going to have a copy of. I guess my disappointment isn't diminished at all but this is a great song. I hope you like it.