Two-fer Tuesday: It's a Pearl Jam Thing

Everything's Better With a Little Vedder
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I will readily confess I was not a Pearl Jam fan back in the day. It wasn't that I thought they were horrible or anything, I just wasn't interested. The timing was bad. I was deep in my country phase, about to embark on motherhood... stuff that doesn't lend itself easily to jumping on the PJ train, you know? But that doesn't mean I wasn't aware of them or that some of Eddie Vedder's charm was lost on me. Quite the contrary. I knew, but I tiptoed away gingerly.

Cut to today (I was going to say "twenty years later" but that made me feel very old and you don't do that sort of thing to yourself when you're feeling all vulnerable and stuff). Today I have an appreciation for Pearl Jam and Vedder that surprises most who know me. They'll never be the pinnacle of the rock experience, but damn if there isn't some good stuff to be mined from their discography.

And now we're about to get solo Vedder on the ukelele. Come on, tell me that doesn't intrigue you a little? I'm looking forward to it. Also, there's apparently some Pearl Jam something or other about to be released. It stands to reason that this two-fer should feature Vedder and friends so I can get this out of my system now and be done with it.


And the song that really makes me think twice about the band: