Two-Fer Tuesday Returns: Ian Britt Version

Ian Britt is my new Neil Finn this week
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I fell in love with Ian Britt's work after hearing "Shape of Us" on the TV show Parenthood. It spoke to me and followed me home (I'll talk to anyone and anything and, yes, usually invite strange noises in). With that, our musical kindred spirit-ness began.

I'm addicted to "Shape of Us". ADDICTED. Much as I am to the frosted sugar cookies from Lofthouse (if you've Ian Brittnot tried one, do so now. We'll wait. And you'll totally get what the world already knows: Lofthouse cookies = sweet soul crack in the best way possible).

Oh yes. Back to Ian Britt. "Shape of Us" is to music what Lofthouse cookies are to my taste buds (Sshh, don't interrupt, I'm having a moment wherein I imagine eating the cookie WHILE listening to the song). Okay, I'm back.

And that's how I got hooked. Sweet harmonies topping a simple melody. Like my favorite cookies. You just can't help it. So, it's no surprise I've gone back for more. The current video is for "Here's To You", which I also really like.

How can you resist that voice? That guitar? It's just simple perfection. Like my cookie.

Lofthouse Cookie

And there we have it: our sweetness for the day.