Two-fer Tuesday: Rod Stewart Sings Me Into A Birthday State of Mind

It's my party and I'll play what I want. And I want Rod Stewart!
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The rumors are true. By tomorrow, I will be old. But I've decided I'm going to take a page out of Rod the Mod's playbook and not let that stop me. I'm sure that makes no sense to you, but living in Sin City, where everyone is (pardon the pun) forever young, it's not easy to watch those years tick up. Rod Stewart, however, has never seemed to age. The man's 66 years old and he's still rockin'. In fact, he's set to take up a residency at Caesar's Palace in August, playing everything from his early blues on up through his American Songbook collection. If he can be an Energizer bunny, well then, so can I.

There was a time, about 40 years ago, when I couldn't stand to even hear the man's name. My older sister teased me unmercifully back then, calling me Rod Stewart because I had a shag haircut (just like him and everyone else in the early '70s). It rankled me. I hated hearing his name. Hated it. I threatened to break my sister's records every time she mentioned him. And then something happened. I don't recall what it was, other than me growing up, but one day I realized I loved Rod Stewart's music. In the '80s, I saw him in concert every chance I got. I loved every song. I loved watching him kick the soccer ball around at the beginning of the show. I loved the bagpipers. All of it. I was a fan. I still am. And you better believe I'll see him while he's here in Vegas. I don't care if I have to stand on a corner with a tin cup in my hand, collecting change from passersby (I can already see the sign: "Rod Stewart junkie in need of a fix"), maybe even resorting to a little dance every now and again. Whatever it takes, I WILL be in attendance as often as possible. I got it that bad.

So, because I'm the birthday girl, I'm offering up a few of my favorite Stewart tunes, grabbing a bottle of Scotch, crankin' up the volume, and I hope you'll join me as I go wandering down memory lane, singing at the top of my lungs.

I remember when this video came out. I wept over the guitar; I longed to be the woman dancing with Rod; I was ready to board that train! It was all just so...perfect. Even though I regularly hear another version of this song, I still mentally go back to this video and imagine myself dancing at the dusty depot.

Who needs a guitar when you can just stand in an empty lot and sing like that?

Again, perfection. And as is my habit, my two-fers are running quickly into the bonus range. How can I not include more?



Not included in this video is the story Rod tells of how he was discovered by Long John Baldry many years ago.,,and how he discovered the beautiful and talented Amy busking on a street corner. He knew immediately he had to sing with her. And there she is. It's a beautiful duet.



This song is just as lovely today as it was when he first sang it, maybe moreso because age, experience, and wisdom give it many more layers. It's on my "when I die, you must to play this at my memorial" list. (Such a list does exist. It's lengthy. I want people to be entertained and to hear the music I loved one more time. My mom said I'm just a controlling bitch. But she said it right after she gave me her list, so I take it with a grain of salt.)



Another beautiful rendition of an old favorite. Listen to the crowd sing along! The is a part of every fan's psyche and it always draws that sort of participation. It's a classic and will be forever.



This particular song may or may not have anything to do with the mandolin in my bedroom.



Stewart may have ditched the new blues album he was working on, but wouldn't it have been fantastic if he revisited some of these songs with Keith Richards and Jeff Beck? I'd be over the moon for an album like that!



C'mon! You didn't remember this song even existed, did you? And now you're diggin' it. I can feel you dancing (at least tapping your foot) from here.



You're dancing again. I know you are! I got magic powers, baby. I can tell...



I'm glad you stopped pretending and are dancing with me now. Stay with me, stay with me...but only for tonight because I have a other plans tomorrow. You've been lovely, though. I mean that. You're truly lovely friends. 


And that's how this story ends for today, my friends. I could have kept going, but I got the signal to cut this short. A few times. (Sorry, boss. *wink*) Don't forget your drinks! The maid will get the rest of this mess. Now, let's go dancing and singing together down the country lane. Don't be surprised if another little something pops up as the party gains strength. After all, this is Vegas and anything can happen!