Two-fer Tuesday: The Late Late Edition

Can someone please come smack me out of this insane loop I'm in?
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Most parents look at their teens with dismay and consider their taste in music to be utterly lacking in sophistication and nuance. I'm not one of those parents. In fact, I dare say my 14-year-old son has better taste in music than many adults I know.

He's also a little... odd. He began singing to me the other night; songs I grew up listening to; songs I've loved. Which was all well and good, except that he sang them to Sean Connery. Yes, Bond. James Bond. Sean Connery. Honestly, it was hysterical. But it caused me to re-examine exactly what I've been feeding him all these years. Not food-wise, but culturally. It's my fault. I accept this. I am ultimately responsible for the warping of his fragile little mind and this is the result. He sings to me in an old Scottish movie star's voice. *thud* (Confession: I love it!)

The songs? Oh, yeah. So here are the two songs he chose to Connerize.

First up, the song he SWEARS he didn't sing, but he really did.

And now, for the song he readily admits to Connerizing (why he didn't go with Cartman's version, I'll never know).