Two-Fer Tuesday: The Mavericks

Revisiting a favorite, I discover a great surprise from The Mavericks
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Back in the '90s, I was transitioning from San Diego girl to Denver girl, from country back to blues and rock, from just a single gal to oh-my-God-I'm-a-mom; it seemed there was always something coming at me and I did what I've always done when life overwhelmed me: I dove deeper into music.

The MavericksOne of my favorite bands from that time was The Mavericks. They were country. They were rock. They were a little bit of everything that scratched all my musical itches. I didn't have to make mix tapes or buy a bunch of CDs by other artists as long as I listened to them.

A few weeks ago, I had the old random playlist going on the computer and "All You Ever Do Is Bring Me Down" began to play. I think I actually squealed in delight. I scared myself with the unmitigate glee that escaped my lips. There was something about hearing the first few notes and the sound of Raul Malo's voice that took me back to a time when my whole life was crazy yet full of wonder. So, I got online and began watching videos.

Wandering down familiar musical paths is always comforting, but sometimes it leads to surprises, one of which was discovering The Mavericks have a new album slated to drop in January 2013. Remember that squeal of delight over hearing an old song I mentioned earlier? Crank it up to 11! I just about jumped out of my skin and "Back In Your Arms". (I couldn't help myself. Word play makes me happy, too.)

I guess it only makes sense that I should be so excited about new music from the band: I'm in the midst of a lot of life changes, not the least of which is yet another relocation. Music that's always made me happy in times of chaos should continue to bring joy and buoy me through the ongoing madness that is, apparently, my life.

January 29 is on my calendar and I'll be looking forward to the new album. Until then, I have YouTube and five streaming songs on The Mavericks website.