Two-fer Tuesday: Tower of Power

Following the long-awaited Tower of Power concert, I was reduced to giddy fan girl and met almost the whole band. Here are a few of my favorite songs...
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Larry Braggs has an amazing voice and he leads Tower of Power ably to the edge, dangles them before us, and then returns us all to safety. Emilio Castillo, the actual leader of the band, is just as impressive vocally, and he's a dangerous man. Yes, indeed, he is. He riles the crowd up, gets us dancing, dancing along with us, and then tears it all away like a man possessed! Just like that, we have nothing. Except that we do. We have more music! And we have memories. Ha!

Tower of Power took the stage at South Point Resort in Las Vegas on Saturday night. My tickets were waiting at will call and it was nothing short of exciting to see just how close to the stage I was. Center stage. Two chairs between me and musical brilliance. Okay, two chairs between me and Mike and musical brilliance.

Then the show began. I'm not going to give you a full run down here since it's Two-fer Tuesday, but I will share some of my favorite songs from that night.

First up, "So Very Hard To Go":

 Next up is "Still Diggin' on James Brown" with Emilio singing lead:


The show had started off with "Soul Vaccination", which I love. Damn if they didn't do it up right, too.

It was a fantastic night but one question remained: "What is Hip?"

I'm the last person on the earth to answer that question. But I can tell you:

You went an' found you a guru.
In an effort to find you a new you,
And maybe even manage to raise your conscious level.
While you're striving to find the right road,
There's one thing you should know,
"What's hip today, might become passe'."

Of course, our hipness didn't include Carlos Santana.

And there's this week's Two-fer Tuesday. Part sneak peek at my cocnert review and part a fantastic evening. When my convention is over and I can breathe again, you will know exactly how much I loved the concert! And there may be a few select images to be shared as well.

Stay hip!