Two-Fer Tuesday: Vintage Trouble

Rhythm & Blues with verve and soul
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I'm head over heels for these guys!

Hot off their appearance on the Late Show With David Letterman last week, Vintage Trouble are burning up the Internets with their fabulosity. With stellar retro cool vocals and assertive presentation, how can you not want a little Trouble in your life?

You get why, right? Even my 16 year-old son gets it. We spent the other day listening to The Bomb Shelter Sessions for a few hours and my kid says, "the singer's voice sound familiar. Why is that?" After thinking it over and running through my artist playlist, it dawned on me: Ty Taylor's vocals remind me of Malford Milligan (Storyville, Malford Milligan Band). I don't normally like to compare artists, but I'm blaming this one on my son for bringing it up. Considering how much I love Malford, I'll call this a "good thing" and just quietly walk away.

Time to let you enjoy a little bonus video.