Vintage Trouble Explode On 'The Tonight Show' With Propulsive Performance of "Pelvis Pusher" (Video)

These guys can play late night TV five nights a week!
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Vintage Trouble was so great on The Tonight Show in January they were invited back last night and once again demonstrated why they are the ultimate force on late night television and among the most powerful live bands in America today.

Ty Taylor commanded the stage and leapt through TV screens all over America with a hard-charging, asskicking performance of their "you have to hear it live" concert staple "Pelvis Pusher," a bonus track song from their sensational 2692539-Vintage-Trouble-Tastemakers.jpgdebut album The Bomb Shelter Sessions. Rock & roll should be dangerous, fun, rebellious, and a little bit dirty and that's what this fine quartet brought to living rooms all across America last night. 

VT has given amazing live performances on all the major talk shows including David Letterman and Conan O'Brien. They've opened for The Who and are now out on a headlining run that will bring them to Mercy Lounge in Nashville in April, at which point I may never be able to move again because they're going to play this song and I'm not going to be able to stop myself. It's at that point I will injure myself worse than poor Kevin Ware or die of embarrassment. Maybe both.

The (music) world needs many things right now and Vintage Trouble is one of them. Make the (music) world a better place: get your copy of their record now, surrender to the awesome, and spread the word. Tell your friends and become the coolest person they know. Tell your adversaries and turn them into friends. This is the mission we are on and it is righteous! If you missed them last night, don't miss them now! When you watch them now, make sure you see them when they get to a town near you. Just...don't come to Nashville if you don't want to have your eyes scalded or risk being asked to help carry a fat white guy to a hospital ER for hip replacement surgery at show's end.