When A Song Ruins Your Life (In A Good Way): Dawes - "A Little Bit Of Everything"

Exactly what the title promises...
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Welcome to another edition of "When A Song Ruins Your Life..."

Today's edition comes courtesy of one of my new music obsessions, Dawes. Their new album, Stories Don't End, is completely wonderful and highly recommended but is not the source of the song that has ruined me and changed my life. 

There is no succinct way to express all the emotions "A Little Bit Of Everything" stirs in me, which is fine because I've never concerned myself with brevity (unless you ask my ex-girlfriends but that's just mean). Taylor Goldsmith sketches three unrelated scenes that are alternately poignant, heartbreaking, hilarious, and hopeful and does it with wit, wisdom, warmth, brilliantce and nonsense.

The first scene puts a man on a ledge ready to take his own life and the police officer who climbs up to talk him down, an aging man whose life has passed him by and future offers little finds hope in buffet line, and a young couple preparing to exchange vows and begin their life together. The interaction of these characters in their respective scenes and the way Goldsmith brings them to life offers exactly what the title promises: a little bit of everything.

I'm not a crier and I've not shed a tear while listening but I'm overwhelmed by waves of emotion as it teaches and encourages, exposes sorrows and points to possibilities. It is quirky and unconventional but it's difficult for me to imagine hearing it and not being moved. 

The version below is an acoustic performance in the Bing Lounge. It's not as wonderful as the version from Nothing Is Wrong but it gives you an idea. Take a few moments and allow yourself to feel "A Little Bit Of Everything."