First Look: Jack and White - Gemini

Brooke White returns to the music scene with Jack Matranga in Jack and White
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Jack and White GeminiWith their debut EP scheduled for an August 30th release, Jack Matranga and Brooke White released the first single from their new project, Jack and White, called "Gemini".  Two years removed from Brooke's post-Idol debut, High Hopes and Heartbreak, "Gemini" picks up where she left off.  It's an up-tempo tune with a good vibe.  Brooke's vocals are solid as usual and the song has a catchy feel to it with nice keyboards, solid acoustic guitars.  The only downfall is the effects used on the vocals.  It sounds a bit amatuer, but I can easily overlook this because I find the song to be fun and appealing.  Once the EP is release, I will have a full review right here at Blinded By Sound.  Until then you can listen to Gemini at by clicking this link.

You can also hear another song from the upcoming Gemini EP called "Inside Outside" on their website by clicking here.