"Five" By Young Man Is Our New Lullaby

A song to put my child to sleep.
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Young Man - I'm not sure its a good thing to say that a song put my 4 month old daughter to sleep, but that's exactly what "Five" did. She was cranky and restless and I was just about to put on an episode of "Sesame Street" to entertain her. I had just started playing Boy when I noticed her head folding into her Hungry Caterpillar plush toy , her eyes closing, and her sweet self drifting off to the land of dreams. Its not that "Five" is boring, but it is quiet, lush, and yes - rather dream like.

Young Man consists of one man, Colin Caulfield. He was discovered by Deerhunter front-man Brandon Cox who was trolling Youtube for covers of his own songs. Apparently Young Man's cover of "Rainwater Cassette Exchange" caught his eye, or ears rather and Cox got the kid a record deal and here we are talking about it. That's a pretty cool story on its own made all the more exceptional because the music is actually pretty danged good.

"Five" consists of a lush production with mostly just acoustic guitar strumming and Colin's voice that sounds like a mix between Her Space Holiday's Marc Bianchi and Bon Iver's Justin Vernon. There's a lovely bit of sound layering mixed with a bit of organ straight out of a cathedral as played by Mr. Rogers. Its fun and sweet and I can't help but play it over and over and that's not just because its keeping my child asleep.

You can hear more songs on Young Man's Myspace page, Facebook page, or the Youtube site that started it all.

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