Gary Clark Jr Performs Muddy Waters' "Catfish Blues" At "Blues At The White House" Ceremony

...and we're totally taking credit for it...
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Gary Clark Jr Performs Catfish Blues At White House EventI feel like a proud papa tonight as I watch my beloved Gary Clark Jr. perform a sensational cover of Muddy Waters' "Catfish Blues" at The White House at a ceremony honoring the blues. I'm pretty sure Gary would want to acknowledge the constant cheerleading and support of BlindedBySound as the reason behind his invite but we're far too modest to take (all) the credit for it.

I guess we have at least one reader in Washington D.C. in the events planning department (or whatever it is they call it) so I'm sure my amigo Nick Moss or other site favorites will be getting their invite any day now, and we're glad to do our part. For America. God bless us and the fine work we are doing.

Now I don't do politics on this site (or any other, for that matter) but I'm giving President Obama big ups for singing along to "Catfish Blues" in the front row. Muddy Waters isn't obscure when it comes to the blues but it's not like he's singing along to "Got My Mojo Working," which may not have more than seven words not in the title. You got to know a thing or two to be singing along with "Catfish Blues."

So, kids, check out the emerging National Treasure that is Gary Clark Jr. and just know, you probably heard about him here first and if you didn't, The President Of The United States did. Damn, we're smooth.