Gary Clark Jr Releases Video For "Bright Lights"

Clark continues to promote his phenomenal 'Bright Lights' EP
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Gary Clark Jr - Bright Lights

We're very excited to announce and share with you the official video for the title track from Gary Clark Jr's Bright Lights EP.

We've been in love with this EP for about six weeks now since reading Jordan's stellar review and we haven't shut up about it or Gary since. The EP is four (awesome) songs long and while we await a full-length record (I don't know how far along in the process he is and don't have even a hint of when it might surface but work is ongoing), we celebrate anything new we can get our hands, eyes, and ears on.

"Bright Lights" is a classic, stomping riff built on a pounding, muscular rhythm that Clark assaults with an arsenal of pyrotechnic guitar leads. That riff and all the guitar goodness are easy to focus on but Clark's vocal is equally good. He both projects a sense of detached coolness and impassioned soulfulness and declares "You gonna know my name by the end of the night." He got our attention and he can command yours as well.

The video isn't visually groundbreaking but this fantastic song is a great calling card for just some of what Clark can do and this video gives us a chance to turn you on, legally, and with professional grade audio and video. If you can watch this video and hear this song and not be compelled to immediately purchase the EP, try watching it again only this time breathe through your nose. It really does help.

We hope a video for "Don't Owe You A Thang" won't be far behind.