Gary Clark Jr. Releases Official Video For "Don't Owe You A Thang"

More Gary goodness as we wait for his brand new record...
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Gary Clark Jr - Don't Owe You A Thing Video

Gary Clark Jr. has released a video for "Don't Owe You A Thang," the second studio cut from his magical Bright Lights EP, released last year. The EP is a four-song release with the title track, "Thing," and two solo live performances.

The first video was for the title track "Bright Lights," which we love. The video for it and "Don't Owe You A Thang" aren't going to win fans through audacious visuals or compelling storylines but you get to hear a great song by an artist who is about to blow up in a huge way.

"Thang" is a smoldering blues boogie jam with some slightly-distorted vocals and a fast and furious series of great guitar licks. It's loose and a little rough and Clark is feeling the spirit moving in the music, hollerin' and shouting between verses and licks. That ramshackle sound is contrasted with the firm, steady, controlled manner with which Clark executes his brief guitar runs. It's easy to hear how this song could blossom into a hard, sweaty jam on stage but here he keeps a tight grip on his playing, fully realizing each phrase while simulatenously tempting us with the idea there could be so much more.

Regular readers know I love the blues, rock, and I love rock and blues guitarists. I listen to dozens of these guys and love all of them. Some play harder or faster, some have more technical wizardry, others make their point with heart, soul, and guts to overcome whatever shortcomings they may have as players. I love them all for different reasons but there are some who are special and rise above, and with my limited opportunities to hear Clark's playing I hear a young man on the verge of being in that rare company. He can jam and wail, he has chops, and I hear a whole lot of heart and soul in what he plays. There aren't many who can be that total package and Clark sounds like he is going to be one of them.

Check out the video below. Check out the "Bright Lights" video and then watch some of the live clips of him, like this killer performance of "When My Train Pulls In" taken from a show he did opening for Dave Matthews Band. These are just a few examples of what it is that has turned my cohorts here at BlindedBySound and I on to him. He's well on his way to finishing off a full-length record for WB, scheduled for release this year. We can't wait but apparently we'll have to and videos like these are how we're passing the time. Enjoy...