Glen Phillips Live In Your Living Room Via

Virtual venue offers you the best seat in your house for live music
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Glen Phillips - Toad The Wet Sprocket - StageIt.comI've mentioned before that I love what technology has done for music fans - and tonight that affection found a whole new corner of cyberspace to love.  Thanks to I was able to see Glen Phillips live - from his couch to my couch.  

Not familiar with the Stageit technology, I was lucky enough to learn about this gem at nearly the last minute.  For a mere $5 I was able to purchase 50 notes (each note is worth $.10) and the Glen show was a mere 30 notes (that's 3 bucks people).  I logged in a few minutes before the 9pm start to see a flurry of chats from other Glen fans in the "audience."  That's right - this venue is virtual - with no line for the restroom and the best beer prices in town. From the comfort of my own couch (with the benefit of my pug at my feet) I prepared to see and hear one of my favorite voices ever.

And promptly at 9pm there he was - with a giant smile on his face and his guitar.  Laughing as he read chat interactions, Glen treated us to some Glen/Toad favorites, occasionally flubbing up the lyrics enough to remind us that he's at home on a Sunday night just casually playing his tunes for a few hundred friends.

Attending shows without ticket surcharges, smokey clubs, over crowded bars, and loud show-talkers?  This technology just might be all I need to become a full fledged homebody.  I highly recommend that more artists explore this opportunity to connect with fans via the living rom - and if you notice an artist you like appearing on Stageit definitely check it out.  It's everything we love about music and those who make it for us - only available to you while you're in your PJs.

And Glen fans - he's already talking about another show next Sunday if you're interested.  

Glen Stageit set - October 30, 2011 (40 minute set)

  • Easier
  • It's Over Now
  • Windmills
  • Finally Fading
  • Drive By
  • All I Want
  • Brother
  • Goldenage
  • Still Carrying You
  • Crowing