JJ Grey Releases Preview For 'Brighter Days' CD/DVD

Something to tempt you and tide you over until my review is finished...
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JJ Grey And Mofro - Brighter Days CD/DVD

JJ Grey & Mofro have released a trailer for their first ever live CD/DVD Brighter Days, recorded and filmed earlier this year.

I'm currently listening to it and you'll soon -- I'm entitled to be optimistic every once in awhile, people -- read my review of this set which is currently available from Alligator Records at all your online and digital retailers.

The CD is 12 songs and 78 minutes of the band's January 22, 2011 set from Atlanta, GA. The DVD is a concert film of the same set with three additional songs not on the CD as well as interview and documentary footage (totalling nearly 2 hours).

Paul McCartney wrote "I'm so far behind, I'm in front of me" on his great "The World Tonight" from the very decent Flaming Pie and that describes the status of my mounting pile of review material. It's a champagne problem for sure but it's going to take me ages to listen to it all, let alone get these reviews turned around. I'm fortunate to have such great friends and writers who will keep you entertained and informed while I fight the good fight to catch up.

The tracklisting for Brighter Days is:

1. Country Ghetto

2. A Woman

3. Brighter Days

4. Air

5. War

6. Lochloosa

7. Dirtyfloorcracker

8. Orange Blossoms

9. Ho Cake

10. The Sweetest Thing

11. The Sun Is Shining Down

12. On Fire

The following three songs are on the DVD, not the CD

- Hide & Seek

- Slow, Hot, & Sweaty

- King Hummingbird

The band released a trailer for the set and I'm sharing it with you while I slavishly listen, watch, and write (my life is so hard!). Enjoy this clip of Brighter Days and be on the lookout (that's BOLO for NCIS fans) for my review, which will be completed (soon).