Katherine Heigl Directs Husband Josh Kelley's Video "Naleigh Moon"

Song and video for couple's daughter is from Kelley's 2011 CD 'Georgia Clay'
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Josh Kelley and Katherine Heigl Josh Kelley has released a video for "Naleigh Moon" from his 2011 album Georgia Clay and he got some high-profile help from his wife, actress Katherine Heigl, who directed the clip.

High-power couples working together is nothing new but Kelley didn't tap Heigl -- did I really just type that? -- for the director's gig because her name would get in the paper but instead because the song was written about and for the couple's daugher. "Naleigh Moon" is a family affair and the music video includes home video footage of the family.

Kelley had another reason for -- aww, what the hell, let's go with it -- tapping his wife for this project. " I knew you would do it for free," he says to her.

The video got quite a strong reaction even before it was publicly released according to Kelley.

“People loved it. My manager showed it to the record label. The CEO from the record label called me and said, ‘We just played the video for the whole label and over half the people were crying.’”

Kelley now hopes those teardrops will blossom into some album sales for his record, which he has been out promoting with dates opening for Lady Antebellum, Taylor Swift, Eric Church and Miranda Lambert.

All right, mommas, did you have to reach for your Kleenex while watching this one? Dads, you can admit it and we'll only suspend your ManCard for 30 minutes and give you an uncomfortable, disapproving look. Let's talk about the video, the song, and the tradition of songwriters writing tunes for their kids.