Mahoney & The Moment's "If You Only Asked Me To" Almost As Wonderful As A Baby's Smile

Indie folkies make me happy, and are streaming their new album online.
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All too frequently of late I've had trouble sleeping. I lay there in bed completely exhausted, but unable to slip off into dream land. It was the same last night, my mind was thinking hard on so many things that don't matter at all, but it wouldn't let me rest. After I did fall asleep I woke up again and again only to struggle to find sleep again. Eventually morning came and I found it a struggle to get out of bed for my back was aching. Badly. It felt as if I had wrestled a bear in my sleep (what little there was) and lost. Poorly.

At night we have started putting the dog in our enclosed back porch otherwise he'll keep the entire neighborhood up with his barking. First thing in the morning I must let him out for the urinating. He jumped on me, scratching my leg. My back groaned in pain as I had to lift him over the fence. My eyes went half blind as they were blasted by the bright morning sun. Once back inside I heard a crash and knew it would wake my baby up, making an already crappy day just that much more crappy. I rushed to her room to find that she had scooted herself across her crib to where I keep several of her stuffed animals. She had grabbed her crocodile, gripped him in a bear hug and was doing her best to eat the thing.

When I entered her room she looked up at me and grinned her hugest grin. Right then the whole of that awful morning, the dog, the pain, the restless sleep - all of it slipped away like the morning mist from the sun. Everyday there are moments like that. No matter how rotten everything else is, everything bad fades away when I see her smile, and laugh, or when I hold her in my arms.

I started to write that Mahoney & the Moment were like that smile, but that's not even remotely true. There isn't anything that trumps daughter smiling up sy daddy. Great music comes close, and right now "If You Only Asked Me To" comes closest. Its an indie-folk rave-up with some great picking, and a lyrical earnestness that makes even this usually oblivious-to-lyrics reviewer sit up and take notice. Emily Moment's vocals are strong and vibrant and make me so very happy.

Mahoney and the Moment are a brand spanking new folk duo. Formed earlier this year in New York City their first, self-titled album came out last week. You can stream it in its entirety at Soundcloud and learn more on their Facebook page.


Mahoney & The Moment by Mahoney & The Moment