Melanie Amaro Wins 'X Factor' Votes, Less Impressive Next Day WIth Reporters

Will The Real Melanie Amaro Please Stand Up?
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Melanie Amaro - X Factor Season 1 Winner

Melanie Amaro is The X Factor’s first winner stateside and I was honored to be given the opportunity to once again sit in on a conference call with her on Friday, less than 24 hours after her big win. Right off the blocks Melanie shows what I believe to be her true personality: smug, ungracious, and robotic.

The first question to Melanie was asking who she felt was her biggest competition and not surprisingly, she says she considered Chris Rene to be her biggest threat because (and I quote), “everyone thought he was talented and an original artist... well not thought, knew he was.” So everyone else thought he was talented and she did not? She also gave a snotty little “hmm” with a slight chuckle to punctuate her point.

Next couple questions were about her growth and feelings for her fans which she responded to with as few words humanly possible. When asked when she’s coming home she actually answered, “Soon” with her “hmm” and chuckle in tow. My favorite questions were regarding how calculated her coming out with her accent was and if she knew ahead of time Simon was coming back for her. “No it wasn’t calculated and no I didn’t know.” Hmm, chuckle.

Eleven minutes in and she’s exactly the person I suspected her to be all along: boring, void of personality, and not at all a genuine human being. May I please bring up that she still hasn’t spoken in her Caribbean accent or mentioned or thanked God once in this call, two things she used to her advantage in the competition?

Melanie wouldn’t directly answer a question about her upcoming album; she refused to acknowledge if she writes songs, wants to do all ballads or even what vision she has for it. She said “As I keep saying, I won’t be answering any questions on that really, I’m keeping everyone guessing.” Because she has no original vision! She will do whatever she’s told to do, plain and simple. Can you even imagine runners-up Chris Rene and Josh Krajcik not having a detailed and enthusiastic answer for this question? She did say her fans should be excited about this mystery album and buy it.

When asked what she might miss once she becomes famous, she gave a weird answer that made no sense about it being nice to be mobbed in the mall. She also said she would not have gone as far if anyone else was her mentor, besides Simon Cowell and she just simply said that she wouldn’t have, again providing no extra information.

We also had a “ringer” question! When asked if Simon knew she was the best singer and intentionally left her out of his Final Four to add drama and interest to her story and the show she said maybe but she’s not sure and that’s the past.

As much as America loves this girl it does seem the music writers and people on this call at least were pretty skeptical about the timing of the accent coming out and how real her being sent home really was, I like that I’m not the only one who’s not buying this Cinderella story. Simon Cowell is an evil genius, I do not for one moment believe he didn’t orchestrate this entire thing.

Asking Melanie any original, non-form questions proved to be confusing and cause for a lot of pause and “umms” case in point, when asked which of the other top 12 finishers she’d like to duet with she instantly said Josh who she already did one with on the finale, then listed aff about five more names and ended with “I’d duet with all of them, why not?” There was a very similar reaction with a question about which judge she’d like to collaborate with in the future she said “oh, umm…I have to answer that? I don’t know…umm, my mentor, or LA, or my mentor, I don’t know…okay…”

After those two questions the interview took a decidedly weird and annoying turn with her answers coming off more defensive, she started sighing a lot more and overall just seeming annoyed. The same goes for the question askers being a little more abrupt and less gracious with her as well.

She also shared with us that she has more range than any of the other contestants, also she sang with all of her heart and soul and “no other contestant really did that.” I bet I know of at least eleven other contestants who would whole-heartedly disagree with that.

She never offers us one personal story, anecdote or glimpse into her passion for music, her family or God, she was very bland, dull and uninspiring. As the market is already full of her exact type of artist who actually have a voice in their future and a clear (or even unclear) vision of what they want not to mention an actual personality, I predict she will be a bit of a flop when compared to other past winners of singing competitions.