Michael Kiwanuka Offers Free Download Of Live Performance Of "I'm Getting Ready"

Music for the soul...
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Michael Kiwanuka - I was recently introduced to the musical wonder and beauty of Michael Kiwanuka when he opened for Gary Clark Jr. in Nashville earlier this month and I haven't been able to stop listening to his wonderful album, available digitally in the US right now with a July 17 release date for the CD. You can also here Home Again on Spotify and there is something badly wrong with you if you don't , something even worse if you pre-order the CD or download the digital edition after hearing it.

Here's another chance for you to hear his special blend of beauty, courtesty of this live performance of one of the album's finer tracks, "I'm Getting Ready." I vividly remember him playing this in Nashville and it was the first time I heard the song. The entire set is still fresh in my mind and I look forward to hearing perform again soon now that I've committed this record to memory.

I admire the gentle touch and peaceful sounds of Kiwanuka's music and the power it posseses to stir the soul without raising its voice. Our world is filled with empty bombast. Beautiful melodies and sonic textures don't require decibels any more than great singing requires melisma. His whisper is as powerful and more appealing than the shouts of many.

This is sipping music that nourishes the soul. I'm not an expert on the history and origins of the soul music genre but I can't think of a better description for this. Do your ears and soul a favor. Listen and prepare for the voyage Home Again.