Music Review: Yuck Fou - System In Effect

Fine thrash/punk from Tacoma, WA
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Yuck Fou - System In EffectThe always reliable Ever Rat Records have just issued the latest by Yuck Fu, System In Effect. Ever Rat have a storied history in the Northwest through their release of seminal albums from the Dehumanizers, Antiseptic, and hair metal gods Show 'N Tell.

Yuck Fou are their latest acquisition, and System In Effect is thrash/punk at its best. "Strait Outta Tacoma" should have been their subtitle however, because it does not get any more Tacoma, WA than this seven song collection. 

I grew up in T-Town, and while not proud of it - I do know the city pretty well, and it is one weird-ass place. Bookended by two military bases to the south, a university to the north, Compton-caliber gang-bangers on the east, and the Puget Sound to the west, this place holds one bizarre cross-section of life. 

Is it any wonder that the cover of System In Effect features an atomic fireball in the shape of a giant middle finger pointed at you? Not to me. The music itself is every bit as much fun. "The Likes Of You" opens things up with some seriously crunchy metal, courtesy of guitar players Mike Bryson and Lonny Loomis. Next up is the title track, which serves as a warmup for drummer Dan Englund, before he gives a balls-out solo during "Ashes On Graves." 

Bryson and Loomis are back with the dual guitar attack on "Flat  Black," while singer Terry Humbert tries to get a word in edgewise. Where Humbert really shows his stuff though is on "Burden," which makes the case for Fear merging with Black Sabbath back in 1980, instead of Ronnie James Dio. 

Bassist Jere Sweet takes a serious solo during the intro of the final cut, "Evil Empire." This is smokin' stuff, and definitely Tacoma worthy. Check 'em out at