Behind The Music: Nick Moss - 'It'll Turn Around'

Moss continues taking his music to bold, new places and we're all going to hear it in October...
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Nick Moss - It'll Turn AroundOne of the latest gimmicks of the music industry is packaging extraneous "stuff" to CDs as they're released under the guise of increasing "value" to would-be buyers. Of course they want to charge more for these editions, thus undercutting their point but that's going to be a topic for another day.

One common extra is a DVD that often has a short documentary on the "making" of an album. If you're like me, you probably don't watch them or you don’t watch them until well after you've listened to the album because the music is the reason I bought it in the first place. My point here is I usually learn about how the album was made after I've heard it, not before.

With Nick Moss' upcoming release Here I Am, I have the unique privilege of hearing the album as it's coming to life. I've now heard three versions of what will be the lead single, "It'll Turn Around" and it has been a fascinating look behind the curtain into the creative process of one of my favorite artists. He has been a bandleader for more than a decade now but with his last several releases has taken his craftsmanship to a new place and he's about to do that again.

I've listened to one song evolve, and the different paths it might take. I don't know what the final version will sound like when the single and album are mastered and released but I can hear Moss thinking, exploring, reaching, and most satisfyingly succeeding. He hasn't asked me which version of "It'll Turn Around" should make the record but if he did my answer would be, "Yes."

The music world – not just the blues world – better beware if he is putting the other songs through this same kind of scrutiny. Nick Moss is about to arrive, again, making Here I Am the ideal title for this new record.

Is it October yet?