Bright Eyes to Release New Live EP

Bright Eyes just announced the release of a new limited run live EP.
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The supposed to be breaking up Bright Eyes just announced the release of a new live EP. The release date for Live Recordings is slated for July 4 coinciding with the drop date for their next single, "Jejune Stars" off of their last studio album The People's Key.

The EP will be released exclusively through HMV and will be limited to 1000 digipacks. It will feature 6 tracks from the band's most recent tour.

Prior to the release of The People's Key Bright Eyes founder, and main figurehead, Conor Oberst stated that he will be retiring the Bright Eyes moniker feeling that the name had run its course. In recent years Conor has release two albums under his own name plus joined the indie rock super group Monsters of Folk. No word yet on whether this live EP has changed those retirement plans.

‘Live Recordings‘ track listing:

  1. ‘Firewall’ 
  2. ‘Shell Games’
  3. ‘Ladder Song’
  4. ‘Arc Of Time’
  5. ‘Bowl Of Oranges’
  6. ‘Lover I Don’t Have To Love’ 

Watch the video for "Jejune Stars"

Bright Eyes - Jejune Stars from Ravenhouse LTD. on Vimeo.