Buddy Guy To Release Double Album 'Rhythm & Blues' July 30, Featuring Guests Gary Clark Jr., Aerosmith, Keith Urban

Buddy's new double album hits stores at the end of July...
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Hall of Famer Buddy Guy will release a new studio album -- a double album -- titled Rhythm & Blues on July 30 and like many of the legend's recent records he is joined by some high profile guests.

Grammy-winning producer Tom Hambridge returns for another tour of duty with the 76-year old Guy, helming an album featuring a guest list that includes Kid Rock, Keith Urban, Gary Clark, Jr., Beth Hart and Aerosmith's Steven Tyler, Joe Perry and Brad Whitford. That's a lot of bodies for one record but fortunately this is a double album with 21 songs, meaning there should still plenty of room for Guy to be the star of his own show. Some of these pairings make me cringe but I'm excited about Guy and Gary teaming up for a song. The boys from Aerosmith might make a nice blues-rocker or it could be utter shlock. Keith Urban is a gifted guitarist and might bring something interesting to the table or be swallowed up by the mighty master on whose record he plays. Kid Rock is annoying just for existing but what's particularly heinous and damnable is that he's guesting on "Messin' With The Kid," a song Junior Wells made famous with Guy as his musical partner. Junior Wells' remains could -- and should -- rise and kick Kid Rock's ass and give Buddy a stern, stern look.

Rhythm & Blues is the first studio album since Guy's Living Proof and follows his live release Live at Legends, both produced by Hambridge as well as his memoir When I Left Home

"Meet Me In Chicago" -- the first track on the second disc -- is available to download as the first single from the record at both iTunes and Amazon. Below is the complete tracklisting with the guests annotated.

Disc 1:

  1. Best In Town
  2. Justifyin'
  3. I Go By Feel
  4. Messin With The Kid (featuring Kid Rock)
  5. What's Up With That Woman
  6. One Day Away (featuring Keith Urban)
  7. Well I Done Got Over It
  8. What You Gonna Do About Me (featuring Beth Hart)
  9. The Devil's Daughter
  10. Whiskey Ghost
  11. Rhythm - Inner Groove

Disc 2:

  1. Meet Me In Chicago
  2. Too Damn Bad
  3. Evil Twin (featuring Steven Tyler, Joe Perry & Brad Whitford)
  4. I Could Die Happy
  5. Never Gonna Change
  6. All That Makes Me Happy Is The Blues
  7. My Mama Loved Me
  8. Blues Don't Care (featuring Gary Clark, Jr.)
  9. I Came Up Hard
  10. Poison Ivy