Blur Announce New Album 'The Magic Whip' Due April 28, Issue First Single "Go Out"

Blur's first new album in a dozen years will be released in April....
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Check this out! Blur is back with their first album in 12 years, an album that features the original lineup -- yes, kids, Graham Coxon is back in the fold as the band's guitarist -- called The Magic Whip. The new set will be released April 28. The set was produced by frequent collaborator/producer Stephen Street.

The songs were principally recorded in Hong Kong, which might explain just a bit the album art.

Blur reunited for a massive show when London hosted the Summer Olympics and have played a few other dates but new music wasn't a certainty. Damon Albarn recorded and released a solo record last year, the excellent Everyday Robots, and is always involved in 27 side projects.

"Go Out" is being streamed now, giving fans a chance to get an idea of what Blur, 12 years later and with Graham back on guitar, sounds like.

Here is the complete tracklisting:

  1. Lonesome Street
  2. New World Towers
  3. Go Out
  4. Ice Cream Man
  5. Thought I Was A Spaceman
  6. I Broadcast
  7. My Terracotta Heart
  8. There Are Too Many Of Us
  9. Ghost Ship
  10. Pyongyang
  11. Ong Ong
  12. Mirrorball