Counting Crows Release 'August And Everything After – Live At Town Hall' Aug. 30

Complete performance of their debut on CD/DVD/Blu-Ray...
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Counting Crows - August And Everything After - Live At Town HallCounting Crows are releasing a complete performance of their debut, August And Everything After on CD, DVD, and Blu-ray on August 30. August And Everything After – Live At Town Hall was recorded on September 18, 2007 at Town Hall in New York City and while the band has released live CDs before, this is the first live DVD of the band's career.

August And Everything After was released in 1993 and has sold more than seven million copies and stands as one of the standout records of the decade as well as one of the great debut albums of all time. August had everything; there are hit singles like "Mr. Jones" and "Round Here" and great album cuts like the heartbreaking, devastating "Anna Begins." It's an amazing record that holds up years later.

When August was remastered and issued as a deluxe edition, it was expanded to include a show from that tour recorded in Paris. It's an excellent show and you get to hear many of the songs from the record performed by them in that moment, when they were still a relatively new band (or new to most of us). Now we get to hear the entire record performed by a veteran band that made many more great records and played hundreds more shows.

The other great thing about this release is that it's coming out in all these formats. I still listen to music more than I watch it so I'm thrilled there's going to be a CD as well as the DVD and Blu-ray. I will beat this drum until someone hears me: music fans want choices. Counting Crows has long been a band of the people and this is just another example. I'm so having one of those CDs and I'll need a Blu-ray as well.

Now if I can just convince them to do this with Recovering The Satellites...

  1. Round Here / Raining In Baltimore  
  2. Omaha  
  3. Mr. Jones  
  4. Introduction To Perfect Blue Buildings  
  5. Perfect Blue Buildings  
  6. Anna Begins  
  7. Time And Time Again  
  8. Rain King  
  9. Introduction To Sullivan Street  
  10. Sullivan Street  
  11. Ghost Train  
  12. A Murder Of One