David Bowie In Top Form On Comeback Single "Where Are We Now?", New Album 'The Next Day' Due March 8

Welcome back, David Bowie!
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David Bowie - Where Are We Now? - The Next DayLast night would have been a glorious night solely from the assbeating my beloved Alabama Crimson Tide administered to the hated Notre Dame Fighting Irish but the glories multiplied themselves when I learned David Bowie is coming back from a presumed retirement with a brand new album and the first single is available on iTunes. I don't know which happened faster: me getting in my car to go buy Crimson Tide National Championship gear or spending the $1.29 to download the first new Bowie song in damn near a decade. No matter, yesterday wasn't cheap but it was worth every penny all the way around.

The new album is called The Next Day and is due in stores March 8. Longtime collaborator Tony Visconti produced the album with Bowie and will be released in two configurations, a 14-track standard editieon and a 17-track deluxe edition (at least that's what is showing up on iTunes this morning).

The first single "Where Are We Now?" is available for download exclusively through iTunes (and a video for the cut has been released, which you can see below). Get. It. Now. It doesn't matter whether or not the song is good (it is). Bowie just turned 66 and left us for awhile. We didn't think he was coming back but here he is. It's time to let him know we missed him so he doesn't get any crazy ideas about another 10-year hiatus. If we get really enthusiastic, maybe we can coax him into a tour! Okay, now I'm getting ahead of myself.

"Where Are We Now?" is an elegiac ballad with lush keyboards and a fine, mature, expressive Bowie vocal tinged with regret. The video pays tribute to Bowie's time in Berlin in the '70s and I'm sure the feelings of melancholy and nostalgia in the vocal and referenced in the lyrics will make many rush to make this about the man himself. Bowie has played too many roles in his musical career for me to go too far down that road. He's even played this role on his Hours... album, particularly the wonderful "Thursday's Child," the song this most reminds me of from his canon.

I'm very pleased with "Where Are We Now?" and can't wait to see if this is indicative of The Next Day. More than anything, I'm thrilled to be talking about a new David Bowie record. Your absence has been noticed. You have been missed. Welcome back, Sir Bowie.