Deluxe Edition Of 'I Am Shelby Lynne' Slated For Oct. 7 Release

Lynne's breakthrough album to be issued with 6 previously unreleased tracks and DVD of concert from that tour...
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I Am Shelby Lynne is finally getting the deluxe reissue it has richly deserved and will be released as a CD/DVD set by Rounder Records on Oct. 7.

My former comrade at Blogcritics interviewed Ms. Lynne a few years back and asked, on my behalf, if a I Am Shelby Lynne reissue might be in the offing. She said then what she is saying now, that revisiting this album brings back memories of a lot of pain but that a deluxe edition could one day happen. I would like to take credit for this all coming to fruition but will instead count the days until I can walk to my record store and scream, "Take my money! Please!"

I'm excited to hear the six previously unreleased songs but I can tell you the first thing I'm doing when I get this set: I'm queuing up the DVD and listening to her perform my two favorite songs from the record back-to-back: "Why Can't You Be?" and "Lookin' Up." Those also happen to be the first two songs I ever heard from it, on the recommendation of another former BC cohort, Mark Saleski.

Check out the tracklisting for both the expanded album and its accompanying DVD.

I Am Shelby Lynne

  1. Your Lies
  2. Leaving
  3. Life Is Bad
  4. Thought It Would Be Easier
  5. Gotta Get Back
  6. Why Can't You Be?
  7. Lookin' Up
  8. Dreamsome
  9. Where I'm From
  10. Black Light Blue
  11. * Should Have Been Better
  12. * She Knows Where She Goes
  13. * Miss You Sissy
  14. * Sky Is Purple
  15. * Wind
  16. * Bless the Fool

Live At The House Of Blues DVD

  1. Should Have Been Better
  2. Your Lies
  3. Leavin'
  4. Life Is Bad
  5. Thought It Would Be Easier
  6. Gotta Get Back
  7. Miss You Sissy
  8. Why Can't You Be
  9. Lookin' Up
  10. She Knows Where She Goes
  11. Dreamsome
  12. Where I'm From
  13. Only a Fool Would Stay
  14. Wichita Lineman
  15. Mother
  16. Black Light Blue