'Elliott Smith - Heaven Adores You' DVD, Blu-Ray Release July 17

Documentary about the talented singer/songwriter makes its way to home video this summer...
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The documentary Elliott Smith - Heaven Adores You will make its move to home video on July 17 on Blu Ray, DVD, and a host of other digital formats.

The film was directed by Nickolas Dylan Rossi and is billed as an intimate portrait of an incredibly talented singer/songwriter. It features interviews with a handful of those close to Smith and takes us to the three cities he spent most of his career: Portland, New York, and Los Angeles.

Elliott Smith was an amazing talent as a singer/songwriter and increasingly as an arranger when his life was cut short at the age of 34 in 2003, the circumstances surrounding his death remaining a topic of controversy. I'll be interested to hear the perspective of those who were willing to talk and be part of the documentary, as many Smith confidants have chosen to remain tight-lipped about his life and death. 

This is going to be, I suspect, a difficult film for me to watch but my love of his music and the amazing body of work he left in his too brief career remains a staple in my rotation. I had discovered Smith a short time before that death and vividly remember reading the news of his passing and feeling my heart break.