Elvis Recorded Live on Stage in Memphis is the Pick of the Week

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I currently live in west Tennessee which is deep in the heart of Elvis country.  The radio stations all play him, there are various festivals and annual events, and everybody talks about him.  Lots and lots of talking on the radio and TV and the corner store.  We love Elvis around these parts.

Well, they do.  I have to admit I'm more of a Beatles man myself.  But I get the love, I really do.  Elvis was a pioneer, helping to create rock-n-roll.  Bringing it forth from the blues, country and rockabilly.  He was a hell of a performer and brought black music to the white masses.  I totally get that.  I like a lot of his songs, too.  But if I have to lay down my preferences, if I have to pick out my favorites, Elvis just isn't gonna be there.

So why am I making an Elvis album this week's pick?  While he may not be my favorite, you gotta give props to the legends.  Millions of people loved Elvis in the day, and still do.  He's one of the few artists of the last century that no only have retained legions of fans, but that has mountains of serious scholars hoarding over every moment of his life and career.  Elvis has left the building and entered academia.

Elvis Recorded Live On Stage in Memphis (Legacy Edition) was originally released in July of 1974. It was his fifth live album in less than five years.  It was recorded in March of 1974 in Memphis which had been his hometown for most of his life.  This expanded edition includes the entire concert (adding tracks that were left off the original album) and it has been remixed and remastered.  The second disk in the set includes a test run for the concert recorded two days earlier.  This was the first time Elvis had played live in Memphis since 1961.  Additionally this disk includes five studio tracks originally intended as reference recordings for his Las Vegas performances.

All in all a pretty cool set of late-era Elvis.

Also out this week that looks interesting:

The Muppets Most Wanted - Various Artists:  I love the Muppet movies and I love their soundtracks.  This one includes loads of original songs for the Muppets to sing plus songs with Lady Gaga, Tony Bennett, Ricky Gervais, Celine Dion and others.  

Underneath the Rainbow - Black Lips:  This is a band whose name I know and I've surely heard tracks by but I can't begin to call them up in my aural memory.  Still, I've heard good things about them so I should check this out.