Foreverly By Billie Joe Armstrong and Norah Jones is the New Music Pick of the Week

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It is a weird week for new music. Thanksgiving is Thursday which not only carries with it all the turkeys and annoying family things, but shopping too.  Lots and lots of shopping.  There's Black Friday and Cyber Monday and now lots of places are opening up on Thursday too.  That's cool with me, I make no judgment.  If you want to stay up all night in some random parking lot freeezing your arse off in order to get a new television, who am I to say differently?  Times are tight all over and saving a few hundred bucks may very well be worth that crazy adventure.

But this is about music and not big ticket items.  Which is where the weird part comes in.  Since everybody is out scratching each other over TVs and Playstations and Cameras, it seems that nobody is caring about what new albums are out.  At least thats the feeling I'm getting from the lackluster selection this week.

Speaking of weird some more this weeks Pick is about as weird as one can imagine.  Foreverly is the brain child of Billie Joe Armstrong - he the front man of the still very popular neo-punk band Green Day.  You know that guy with all the tattoos who sings songs about masturbating and smoking pot?  That guy has teamed up with sultry voiced, goddess-who-walks-amongst-us Norah Jones to duet on a bunch of Everly Brothers songs. 


The punkster meets the jazz mistress to sing songs by 1950s pop stars.  It gets weirder still as the songs they are covering were actually not origianlly Everly Brothers songs, but ancient American folk songs the Brothers covered on their album Songs Our Daddy Taught Us.

But you know what?  That sounds awesome to me.  I was never a huge Green Day fan, but I'm interested in what he can do with these old songs.  I live and breathe Norah and I'm on board with anything she does, no matter how weird.  Put them together and I'm ready to see what they got.

Also out this week that looks interesting:

Paris 1969 - Thelonious Monk: A late-career document of the legendary jazz pianists concert in Paris. Also includes a DVD with some video of the show.

 And that's it.  Oh sure there are lots more albums coming out, some of which might be interesting to you (or your teenaged kids) but nothing else looks remotely like something I'd want to buy.  Next week, I suspect will pick up again as we trudge towards Christmas.  With all the big ticket items now out of the way people will start needing stocking stuffers.  And what better thing to stuff than new music?