Howling Bells To Record 3rd LP in Las Vegas

Follow up to 'Radio Wars' to be produced by Killers' bassist Mark Stoermer...
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Howling BellsHowling Bells are getting set to record their third album in Las Vegas with help from The Killers' bassist Mark Stoermer, with plans to release the record sometime later this year.

Howling Bells were one of my happy discoveries in 2009 when they opened for Coldplay on the Viva La Vida tour. I quickly imported their self-titled debut and Radio Wars prior to them getting US distribution and quickly fell in love with both. Their early efforts were overseen by former Coldplay producer Ken Nelson.

I get that the band feels it's time to shake things up with the as-yet untitled third album. It's good for them. I wish they'd chosen someone from a band I don't have a death fued declared against. The Killers don't know this but they are among my mortal enemies and the last thing I want is for them to rub off on the fairly wonderful Bells.

I'm not declaring this a disaster yet but I'm putting myself on warning. I'm keeping tabs on this and I'll share any news that emerges from these sessions. In the meantime, do yourself a favor and get a copy of those first two records and join me in celebrating their awesomeness.