'Introducing Morrissey' Concert Film To Get DVD Debut In September

Moz reaches back into the past for archival releases as he preps first album in 5 years...
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The cantankerous, oft-afflicted Morrissey will release Introducing Morrissey on DVD for the first time in September. The show was recorded in February 1995 from his Vauxhall & I album. A 20th Anniversary re-issue of that record has already been announced.

This is all happening as Moz preps to release his first solo album since 2009, World Peace Is None Of Your Business. He's also made attempts to tour the US but has yet to complete all scheduled dates due to a string of mystery maladies.

Here's the tracklist for the DVD:

  1. Billy Budd
  2. Have-A-Go Merchant
  3. Spring-Heeled Jim
  4. Youre The One For Me, Fatty
  5. The More You Ignore Me, The Closer I Get
  6. Whatever Happens, I Love You
  7. Well Let You Know
  8. Jack The Ripper
  9. Why Dont You Find Out For Yourself
  10. The National Front Disco
  11. Moon River
  12. Hold On To Your Friends
  13. Boxers
  14. Now My Heart Is Full
  15. Speedway