Katy Perry & 'Hell: The Sequel" Are #1 at iTunes

Fittingly symbolic...
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iTunes' Top Selling Singles & Albums - June 20, 2011

What in the name of Steve Perry's ass is going on here? How in the hell did compilations by Journey, Frank Sinatra, and Bob Marley make the Top 10 on iTunes Albums Chart? Don't get me wrong: everyone loves The Chairman and Marley is indeed a legend (and I won't even get started on Journey) but I have no explanation for what's going on with our albums chart this week. It's only fitting the #1 album this week is Hell: The Sequel because that's how I feel about these charts on a weekly basis.

I'm not going to proclaim the Era of GaGa over with the slipping sales of her new album and single as there have been a great many careers that have seen sales surge and plunge, but it's safe to say her meteoric ride to the top has hit some turbulence. I look forward to our long national nightmare being over as much as the next guy but we're not going to declare "Mission:Accomplished" just yet. We're going to keep good thoughts and wait to enjoy our moment of victory.

iTunes' top 10 selling singles and albums of the week ending June 20, 2011:


  1. "Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F.)" - Katy Perry
  2. "Party Rock Anthem (feat. Lauren Bennett & GoonRock)" - LMFAO
  3. "Give Me Everything (feat. Ne-Yo, Afrojack & Nayer)" - Pitbull
  4. "Rolling In the Deep" - ADELE
  5. "The Edge of Glory" - Lady GaGa
  6. "Super Bass" - Nicki Minaj
  7. "Lighters (feat. Bruno Mars)" - Bad Meets Evil
  8. "How to Love" - Lil Wayne
  9. "The Lazy Song" - Bruno Mars
  10. "Dirt Road Anthem (Remix) (feat. Ludacris)" - Jason Aldean


  1. Hell: The Sequel - Bad Meets Evil
  2. 21 - ADELE
  3. All Things Bright and Beautiful - Owl City
  4. Journey: Greatest Hits - Journey
  5. Nothing But the Best -- The Frank Sinatra Collection - Frank Sinatra
  6. Legend - Bob Marley
  7. Find Me - Christina Grimmie
  8. Born This Way - Lady GaGa
  9. Sigh No More - Mumford & Sons
  10. Dream With Me - Jackie Evancho