Joanne Shaw Taylor to Release Live CD/DVD 'Songs From The Road' Nov. 12

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Joanne Shaw Taylor will release Songs From The Road, her first ever live album on November 12. The 12-song set is being released as CD/DVD package and features songs from all three of her studio albums as well as a cover of Jimi Hendrix's "Manic Depression."

JoanneShawTaylor-SongsFromTheRoad.jpgTaylor said fans have been asking for a live album from her for years but that she waited until the right time and place presented itself.

"We wanted to do it in London," she said, "and the reason for picking The Borderline was because I wanted something small and intimate. I grew up being inspired by those small Stevie Ray Vaughan and Albert Collins club gigs, and I wanted to have that same 'everyone-packed-in-like-sardines' vibe - as opposed to a big production and losing some of that intimacy."

Fans anticipating note-for-note reproductions of the studio versions of her songs have probably never seen her live and will be in for a surprise when they get their hands on this set.

"There's definitely more guitar in my live show than on any of the albums," she said. "I tend to lose all sense of control once I get onstage and everything is twenty beats faster than it's meant to be! And there were no overdubs, so what you hear is what you get."

Taylor is a gifted lead player so more of her playing should be reason enough to grab hold of this set when it comes out.

  1. Soul Station
  2. Tied & Bound
  3. Beautifully Broken
  4. Watch 'Em Burn
  5. Diamonds In The Dirt
  6. Manic Depression
  7. Jealousy
  8. Kiss The Ground Goodbye
  9. Just Another Word
  10. Band Introductions
  11. Jump That Train
  12. Going Home