Mark Lanegan & Duke Garwood Release 'Black Pudding' May 14, Stream "Pentacostal" Now

Lanegan has found another new collaborator for his latest record...
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Master collaborator and supreme vocalist Mark Lanegan has found another partner-in-crime to create music with in the person of Duke Garwood and their first album together, Black Pudding, will hit stores May 14.

LaneganBlackPudding300.jpgThey've made the second track from the album, "Pentacostal," available to stream via YouTube (video embedded below) and I've given it a right good listening or two. It is sparse, allowing plenty of room for Lanegan's weathered voice to be a brooding, dark cloud. I've made no secret Lanegan is one of my favorite vocalists of all time and may just well hold the title outright so you can bet your ass I'm all over this new record.

Lanegan has an odd way of being prolific. He can seemingly disappear for years at a time and yet is always working whether it's on albums under his name, Mark Lanegan Band, or collaborating with acts like Queens Of The Stone Age (whose upcoming album he guests on), Isobel Campbell, Greg Dulli for their Gutter Twins album Saturnalia, or any number of others. He even reconnected with his former Screaming Trees bandmate Barrett Martin and Pearl Jam's Mike McCready to help finish what they started when he was an adjunct member of Mad Season. Lanegan contributed lyrics and vocals to three tracks for a deluxe edition of Mad Season's sole album, Above.

Lanegan released Blues Funeral last year and now we have Black Pudding on the horizon. Check out "Pentacostal" and the complete tracklisting.

  1. Black Pudding
  2. Pentacostal
  3. War Memorial
  4. Mescalito
  5. Sphinx
  6. Last Rung
  7. Driver
  8. Death Rides a White Horse
  9. Thank You
  10. Cold Molly
  11. Shade of the Sun
  12. Manchester Special