New Music Tuesday: Iron & Wine, Corinne Bailey Rae, John Vanderslice

New music releases for January 25, 2011.
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I try to be positive with New Music Tuesday but I'm having a lot of trouble finding releases to get excited about, especially compared to the bounty of last week's list. There are some familiar names and some of these will fit nicely on your CD shelf or iPod but it looks like this will be a week for me to recover from the excess of last week for me.

Indie favorites John Vanderslice and Iron & Wine both have new albums out this week. I've listened to a little Iron & Wine and I like it well enough- well enough I didn't feel ripped off for purchasing the album but not well enough to buy more. A former co-worker who was all about indie tried turning me on to Mountain Goats and John Vanderslice and it just didn't happen for me. I'm sure it's all me but I just couldn't find my way in.

I know many people who loved Corinne Bailey Rae's last album and she has an EP out this week. Her music falls a little outside my usual listening habits so I haven't given her much time. She's been through a lot in her life and I have friends who love her voice, so I'm making mention of this release just for them.  Similarly, there's a new Eva Cassidy compilation. The late Cassidy is a favorite of another friend of mine. We'll keep it all in the family this week at Blinded By Sound on New Music Tuesday.

That's about it, boys and girls. The week just doesn't have much to make me take notice. What about you? Am I missing something awesome? You really want me to talk about Jim Brickman? Let's discuss.

13Th Floor Elevators, The - Easter Everywhere
Ben + Vesper - Fast Lane
Beowulf - Going Down With The Ship
Big Elf - Nightlife
Books, The - The Living Tree
Books, The - The Year Of Magical Drinking
Bowling For Soup - Harmonic Emergency
Brickman, Jim - Testament Of Rock - The Best Of
Bronx Casket Company, The - Sound Advice
Buckshot - Banquet Of The Spirits - The Book Of Angels Volume 17
Bushman - Smooth Jazz Tribute To The Beatles
Cage, Byron - Honors
Canned Heat - Thought For Food
Carlo De Rosa's Cross-Fade - Antihero
Carlton Lukather Band - The Common Knowledgy Of The Entertainment Industry
Carolina Chocolate Drops - Brain Dance
Carolina Chocolate Drops - Carolina Chocolate Drops / Luminescent Orchestrii
Caroline - Verdugo Hills
Caroline - When The Sun Goes Down 1934-41 With Scrapper Blackwell
Carr, Leroy - Simply Eva
Cassidy, Eva - Fester & Putrefy
Cavus - Whirlpool - The Original Recordings
Chain And The Gang - Let's Trap 2
Chaku Ero - Cloud Nothings
Chaku Ero 2 - Perfection
Chapterhouse - Trails Of Tears
Chikita Violenta - After The Rain...The Cure
Chikita Violenta - Layers Of Live
Cizzle & Bigga Rankin - Deerhoof Vs. Evil
Clark-Cole, Dorinda - Kaputt
Cloud Nothings - The Dead Of Night
Cloud Nothings - Call It My Garden
Cold Snap - Excerpts
Cold War Kids - Beyond The Pale
Cold War Kids - Mesmerised
Corrosion Of Conformity - Phenomena 256
Coursil, Jacques - The Koner Experiment
Cruz, Celia - Bill Frisell & Vinicius Cantuaria
Cure, The - Per Flauto - Italian Recorder Music Of The 17Th Century
Darkane - Vol 2 Piano Tribute To Josh Groban
Deathspell Omega - Grouplove
Deep Purple - Electric Fruit
Deep Purple - Annie In Wonderland
Deerhoof - Old Friends
Deerhoof - Grown Unknown
Deerhoof/Physical Forms - Kiss Each Other Clean
Demonic Resurrection - Return To The World Of Oz
Destroyer - Poets And Lighthouses
Destroyer - X-Posed
Doors & Rolling Stones - Thug Luv
Eastern Front - Bring Your Own
Ekotren - Piano Tribute To John Lennon
Elkin, Carrie - Classical Guitar Tales
Ella Fitzgerald & Sarah Vaughan - The Visitation
End:Civ Resist Or Die - The Visitation (Ltd. Ed.Digipak)
Ensemble - From The Frontline To The South
Epstein - The Road
Experimental Audio Research (E.A.R.) - Perpetual Motion
Experimental Audio Research (E.A.R.) - Lorraine
Experimental Audio Research (E.A.R.) - Fall For Beauty
Experimental Audio Research (E.A.R.) - Little Joy
Five For Fighting - Nihilistic Stench
Ford, Robben - The Flesh
Frisell, Bill & Cantuaria, Vinicius - The Singles 1946-1952
Ganassi Consort Cologne - Echo & Boo
Godfathers - The Talented Mr. Pelt
Groban, Josh Tribute - Immersion
Grouplove - Little Man
Guetta, David - Optical Delusions
Guetta, David - The Werner Herzog Soundtracks (Box Set)
Haddon, Deitrick - Pain Addict Pigs
Halvorson, Mary/Peter Evans/We - Piano Tribute To Radiohead
Haslam, Annie - Live
Horned Almighty - Palermo Snow
I Am Empire - Seize The Fewcha
I Was A King - Shango/30Th Anniversary Editio
Ices, Lia - The Swing Of Delight/30Th Anni
Ices, Lia - Zebop!/30Th Anniversary Editio
Iron & Wine - La Vie Electronique Vol. 7
Iron & Wine - La Vie Eletronique Vol. 8
Jamaican Railways - The Deep Purple Mki Songbook
James Vincent Mcmorrow - Street Scholars
Joe Nichols - Steelbath Suicide
King, Freddie - The Chainheart Machine
King, Freddie - Dj Tones
Kubinec, David - Very Best Of The Rat Pack, The
Kuvezin, Albert & Yat-Kha - Edward Carnby
Labelle, Patti - Piano Tribute To Tool
Lady Gaga - Thrashing
Lake - White Wilderness
Layzie Bone - Dj Star Vol. 4
Lcd Soundsystem - Rarest Rockabilly Album In The World Ever
Led Bib - Hear Me Howling! Blues, Ballad
Lee, Amos - Ultra Dance 12
Lee, Amos - Mercy & Misery
Lennon, John Tribute - Politics As Usual
Les Mccann - The Party Ain't Over
Lloyd-Langton, Huw - Telling The Truth (Cd + 5 Inch
Magnum - Young The Giant
Magnum - I Love Being Here With You
Magnum - Monster Monster Ep
Maniac - Here And Now, The
Matsui, Keiko - Yesterday Once More
Mccaslin, Donny - Tre3S
Mckenna, Lori - Paracletus
Michael Chapman - Return To Darkness, The
Miles, Lynn - Blood On Snow
Miret, Roger & The Disasters - One More Love (Edited)
Mother Of Mercy - One More Love(Cd-Parental Ad.)
Motorhead - Necro Spirituals
Motorhead - Kings
Motorhead - London Sessions
Mr. Mister - Mission Bell
My Disco - Gotta Get Up Now
My Disco - Iv: Symptoms Of Existence
Nadiwrath - Inside The../Words From The
Napalm Death - Celebration In Song, A
Nelson, Willie - Point Of Infinity
Newton-John, Olivia - Movie Moods
Obsidian - Sing Elvis Presley & Others
Omartian, Michael - Melancholy Baby
Orbison, Roy & Faron Young - Passive Aggressive: 2002-2010
Order Of Appolyon - Love Ep, The
Out Of The Blue - Cold Embrace Of Fear, The
Outfield, The - Behind The Black Veil
Page, Patti - Stomp The Yard
Panda - Charmed:The Final Chapter
Panda - Friday Night Lights
Paul, Jaimee - Destroyers Of All, The
Pavlov's Dog - Outlaw Carnie
Pelt, Jeremy - Playlist: The Very Best Of Ace Of Base
Pendulum - Playlist: The Very Best Of Bowling For Soup
Petra - Playlist: The Very Best Of Byron Cage
Pineapple Thief, The - Playlist: The Very Best Of Dorinda Clark-Cole
Planeta Imaginario - Playlist: The Very Best Of Five For Fighting
Popol Vuh - Church On The Moon
Psycho - Playlist: The Very Best Of Patti Labelle
Radio Dept, The - Playlist: The Very Best Of Mr. Mister
Radiohead Tribute - Playlist: The Very Best Gospel Of Willie Nelson
Rae, Corinne Bailey - Playlist: The Very Best Of The Outfield
Rawls, Lou - Back To The Rock
Redbird - Playlist: The Very Best Of Lou Rawls
Renbourn, John - Playlist: The Very Best Of The Romantics
Rhapsody Of Fire - Playlist: The Very Best Of Marvin Sapp
Romantics, The - Playlist: The Very Best Of Boz Scaggs
Ryan Adams - Playlist: The Very Best Of Soul Asylum
Sanchez, Junior - Playlist: The Very Best Of T Bone Burnett
Santana - Playlist: The Very Best Of Tyrese
Santana - 2011 Grammy Nominees
Santana - Shot Live At The 100 Club
Sapp, Marvin - Mtv Unplugged
Various - Jah Glory
Various - Revolution
Various - Bushman Sings The Bush Doctor
Various - Mine Is Yours
Various - Great Ladies Of Jazz / [2 Cd]
Various - Early In The Morning
Various - Joe Nichols Greatest Hits
Various - Trainsong: Guitar Compositions, 1967-2010 / [2 Cd]
Various - Club Daze Vol. 1
Various - You Can?T Stop Rock ?N? Roll
Various - Shocking Its Prey
Various - Los Vaqueros, El Regreso