New Release: Bruce Hornsby & Ricky Skaggs, The Monkees, Jimmy Buffett, John Mayer, Tedeschi Trucks, Fleetwood Mac, John Coltrane and More

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When the musical gods give, sometimes they just keep on giving.  This week they gave plenty for we've got lots of new albums to talk about. There are brand new albums from current artists, old albums remastered and deluxe sized and new ones from old bands. There isn't anything that just blows me away or that is gonna make me run out bright and early on Tuesday to lay my money down, but there are lots of really interesting stuff that I'm gonna be keeping my eye out for reviews of and will certainly be hoping they come to Spotify for some pre-purchasing listens.

Cluck Ol Hen - Bruce Hornsby & Ricky Skaggs:  In 2007 these two collaborated on an album together, the results of which were not nearly as good as anticipated.  Hornsby is a piano virtuoso who can play everything from Miles Davis to the Grateful Dead to Bill Monroe.  You'd think that make him fit right in with Ricky Skaggs and his bluegrass band, but it just didn't do anything for me.  It felt a little too produced, too contrived.This is a live album with two songs from that album, some traditional bluegrass numbers and a couple of Hornsby-penned pop hits.  I'm hoping that in a live setting they will be able to push past the difficulties they had in the studio and create some interesting sounds.

Headquarters - The Deluxe Edition - The Monkees: I don't care what you say, I love me some Monkees.  I have very fond memories of watching their television show as a kid and I grew up loving their songs.  This deluxe set of their classic album includes newly mastered copies of the album in both mono and stereo sets plus 22 bonus tracks.

Songs From St. Somewhere - Jimmy Buffett: The fact that Buffett is still around singing about boats, babes and booze makes me incredibly happy.  I'm not a huge fan by any means, but I dig that he still exists.

Paradise Valley - John Mayer:  I'm also not a really big John Mayer fan, but dude has some fine guitar chops and the world needs all the good guitarists it can get.

Made Up Mind - Tedeschi Trucks Band:  Speaking of guitar chops Derek Trucks has them in spades.  Add in his wife Susan Tedeschi singing and playing and you've got a really great duo.  I need to spend more time with these guys as I've only ever given them limited listenings.

Then Play On - Fleetwood Mac:  The Mac's debut album has been remastered, given the original UK running order and track segues and has four new tracks.  Plus liner notes by David Fricke.

I Hate Music - Superchunk:  This is one of those bands that I heard great things about back in the 1990s, but that I never actually listened to.  They've released only three albums since 1999s but early word is this new one is good.  

Afro Blue Impressions - John Coltrane:  To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Pablo Records we get this classic live album remastered and with bonus tracks.  The original album was a double LP consisting of live cuts from a couple of dates in 1963.  The reissue comes with three extra cuts from the Stockholm date.  

Big TV - White Lies:  I've tried to like White Lies but I've never made it.  Still, I know plenty of people who love them and will be excited about this new one.

The Lumineers - The Lumineers:  I've not tried to like the Lumineers, I don't think I've ever heard a track, but again loads of folks dig them and here we have yet another deluxe reissue of their debut album.  This one packages the album with five bonus tracks, a DVD with some live tracks, music videos and more. Plus there is a 14 page booklet.

One Track Heart: The Story of Krishana Das - J Mascis:  The Dinosaur Jr. frontman has previously written songs for a movie - the wonderful Gas, Food, Lodging - and both the film and the soundtrack were a staple of my college years.  I'm hoping the music here will be just as good, though I have less hopes for the film.  Its based upon the true story of Jeffrey Kagel who walked away from being the lead singer of Blue Oyster Cult in order to travel the world looking for happiness and turned himself into a spiritual leader and chant master.