New Releases: Glen Campbell, Harry Nilsson, Johnny Cash, Bela Fleck, Sam Phillips, Mickey Hart

New Music Tuesday releases from Glen Campbell, Harry Nilsson, Johnny Cash, Bela Fleck, Sam Phillips, and Mickey Hart...
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For this week in the middle of August we've got several old sounds, a couple of new ones and a few really weird ones.  We'll start with the old and move our way through.

  • See You There - Glen Campbell: Better known for his slick "Rhinestone Cowboy" songs in the 70s Glen Campbell has continued making albums right on up until today.  In fact this is his 62nd studio album.  Recorded during the making of his last one, Ghosts on the Canvas, See You there features less slickly produced versions of many of his old hits including "Wichita Lineman" and "Rhinestone Cowboy."
  • Flash Harry - Harry Nilsson: A couple of weeks ago we got a big box set from Nilsson and now we get this expanded edition of the rare 1980 album of his.  The music has been remastered and there are four previously unreleased tracks.
  • LIFE Unheard - Johnny Cash: The magazine has come out with a nice album full of live tracks from the Man in Black that have previously gone unreleased plus some demo tracks.  They are also releasing a picture book filled with previously unseen photos of the music legend.
  • The Imposter - Bela Fleck, giancarlo Guerrero, the Nashville Symphony Orchestra and Brooklyn Rider: Fleck is a master at the banjo and is known for taking its sound into new and outrageous territory.  With his band the Flecktones they have taken the usually associated with bluegrass instrument and created a soundscape unlike any other.  I'm very curious to see what he's gonna do with a full orchestra.  
  • Push Any Buttons: Sam Phillips:  The trouble with having so much music available at ones fingertips at any moment of the day is that its hard to remember what you've heard and what you've liked.  Or at least it is for me anyhow.  I know that I know the Sam Phillips name.  I know that I've heard her before.  My iTunes confirms it.  But I can't for the life of me remember what she sounds like.  But based on that obscure memory and that amazon tells me that folks who bought this album also bought the upcoming Bob Dylan bootleg and some Elvis Costello I get to mention her here.
  • Superorganism - Mickey Hart: Not willing to rest of his Grateful Dead laurels Mickey Hart continues to explore world music and push the envelope and what exactly should be considered music at all.  Here he's gathered together some of the world's best percussionists, lyricist Robert Hunter and his own brain waves (seriously he hooked computers up to his head to change his brain's electrical impulses to audible frequencies) to create what will surely be interesting if nothing else.  

That's it for this week.  Let me know what you'll grabbing and listening to in the comments.