New Releases: Preservation Hall Jazz Band, Dana Fuchs, Jay-Z

A few highlights from this week's slew of new releases...
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Hi.  I'm Mat. You might know me from my random writings in these pages about bootlegs, songs that evoke memories and some the best songs of 2013.  Our dear leader, Josh, here at Blinded By Sound has kindly asked me to take over the duties of highlighting what new albums are hitting the streets every week. It is a big duty, and I'm proud to have it. I will no doubt speak about different artists than Josh would highlight, but that's the fun of writing about music.

Every week an enormous amount of new music gets released. I try to pay attention. I try to keep my ear out for not only the hot artists and the classics, but for new folks just making their start.  But in the end its all too much. There is no way that I'm gonna know about everybody, and I'll surely miss all sorts of interesting music being released. I look forward to spirited debates about whats worth listening to and what isn't.

Unfortunately I'm taking the reigns during a pretty dry week. There just isn't much coming out that looks all that interesting to me. Again, I'm likely overlooking something, but here's what peaks my interest:

  • Preservation Hall Jazz Band - That's It: The Preservation Hall lies in the heart of New Orleans' French Quarter and has featured a veritable who's who of New Orleans players.  The Preservation Hall Jazz band makes a jumbo pot of gumbo of the Crescent Cities music.  They've got big horns, bigger swing and all kinds of soul.  On this one My Morning Jacket's Jim James takes the reigns of producer which will no doubt produce some interesting sounds.  "That's It" is an Amazon exclusive which is annoying in my book but I get that bands are trying to find better ways to actually sell their product and exclusives are one of the ways that seem to be working.
  • Dana Fuchs - Bliss Avenue: I know nothing about Ms. Fuchs except that she's sang with Bob Weir's side project Ratdog and that she's been hailed as the new Janis Joplin. That's enough to get me interested. Oh, and our fearless leader reviewed her previous album Love To Beg.  I'm sure you don't' pronounce her last name the way I want to pronounce her last name but still I can't help but smile like a teenager when I come up with new bands names for her along the lines of "Dana Fuchs Gently."  Yeah, I'm just that immature.
  • Jay-Z - Magna Carta Holy Grail: I don't know Jay-Z, I don't really care too.  I'm old, I'm white I'm not interested in hip-hop.  No, that's not entirely true, I am interested in it, but I know my entry point isn't going to be Jay-Z.  One day I'll find someone with knowledge and I'll let them school me in the ways of rap and hip hop, but today is not that day and this album is not where I'll begin.  But I recognize that he's a huge name and many are interested in this new album.  I'm still deciding whether or not I'll be talking about albums such as this that will be popular but that bare no interest from me.  For now it gets a mention.

And that is it.  That's all that comes out this week that I know about or care about.  I'm sure I'm missing something.  I'd love to hear about it.