Nick Moss Launches Kickstarter Campaign For 'Time Ain't Free', Due Spring 2014

Nick Moss turns to fans for help to launch 10th record 'Time Ain't Free'
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Nick Moss launched a Kickstarter campaign to help raise funds for his 10th CD Time Ain't Free, slated for a spring 2014 release.

The Time Ain't Free campaign includes 14 different pledge points with a bevy of premium goodies in addition to the record itself, which is the follow up to Moss' 2011 outing Here I Am. Here I Am was the first to feature guitarist/vocalist Michael Ledbetter. Moss and Ledbetter filmed a video discussing Led's increasing role in the band, the recording of Time Ain't Free, their excitement at bringing fans into the process of releasing the new album, and their hopes for what they can do with the money raised. You can also hear clips from the new album in the video and stream two of the album's tracks: "I Want the World To Know" and "Was I Ever Heard."

This is where it's cool to do what I do here with BlindedBySound: I've had the opportunity to hear all of Time Ain't Free and jotted a few thoughts about the record and the path Nick has taken to arrive at this place, which you'll be able to read on the Kickstarter campaign page while checking out the video and the songs.

We all have that one album (and sometimes more) by a favorite artist or band where you walked away disappointed and shaking your head; it's inevitable if you're a music fan and obsessive like me. I'm still waiting for that album from Nick because he's yet to fail to deliver the goods and that streak continues on Time Ain't Free. I suppose it's possible he'll one day release a record I won't love but it hasn't happened yet and didn't happen here. I'm putting my money where my mouth is, amigos. I'm joining the fans who have already pledged to support this record. Go to the page and listen for yourself; I can't imagine you not wanting to do the same.