Preview Second 'Trouble Will Find Me' Track From The National, "Don't Swallow The Cap"

The National offer fans a chance to hear a second track from their upcoming sixth record...
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Indie sensations The National continue to build anticipation for the May 21 release date of their sixth album, Trouble Will Find Me, with the release of a second track from the album for fans to preview, this one entitled "Don't Swallow The Cap."

They released "Demons" as the first single on iTunes and also issued a video for it late last week/early this week and performed most of the new album at a secret show in Berlin.

I tried to withstand the temptation to ruin release date by listening to all these songs beforehand but was weak and gave in on "Demons." I'll likely share my thoughts on that first track this weekend because I have a lot of them. I'm really going to try and stay off "Don't Swallow The Cap" until I have the record in hand in May but my track record for restraint isn't good. To borrow from their wicked song "Cherry Tree," "Can we show a little discipline?" The answer for me most of the time is no, but I'm fighting, kids. I'm fighting. For those of you who don't care and want to hear it all as soon as possible, we provide the public service of presenting it to you. Give a listen and tell me what you think. Don't be genlte about it. Rub in that you've heard this song and I'm being silly for contrived reasons.

Hurry May 21, hurry fast. Make haste. I need this record.